CarNext in the United Arab Emirates

For 50 years LeaePlan has stood for:

  • high quality service and
  • high quality vehicles

So when it comes to buying a car, whether you are a registered second hand trader or an individual in the market, *It's easier to LeasePlan.  

At the end of their lease term LeasePlan Emirates sells its used vehicles via different channels, making them available to a wide public of buyers all over the U.A.E. 


If you're a registered trader, know that LeasePlan's cars are well selected, well maintained and well documented.  On a regular basis LeasePlan holds CarNext on-line auctions that offer traders a chance to bid in a confidential environment with full access to each vehicle's specifications and operational details.  

The CarNext on-line auctions is another step towards the maximization of transparency and customer satisfaction.  


If you're an individual, and perhaps even the driver of a LeasePlan car, you're probably thinking about buying a car from LeasePlan because you already know how well it's been looked after and serviced.  LeasePlan offers a selection of premium condition vehicles at a set, non-negotiable, price - removing the hassle back-and-forth negotiations.  

Additionally, LeasePlan is pleased to offer interested individuals referrals and favorable rates through its strategic partners in the areas of: financing, insurance, maintenance & repair, window tinting and tire management.


So no matter what your background, buying a used car from LeasePlan gives you more security:

  • In most cases these vehicles have only been assigned to one driver.
  • All vehicles have a guaranteed mileage.
  • Each vehicle comes with a complete maintenance history.
  • All vehicles are inspected by a third party for wear and tear.

LeasePlan complies with the international standard "Fair Wear & Tear" of the TÜV Nord Group. LeasePlan is the first fleet management company in the world to be certified in this field. The TÜV Nord Group has also certified the correct implementation of the appraisal process.